Anti Glare TV Screen Protector

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Thanks to the anti glare TV screen protector products, it is aimed to prevent the reflection of the TV or computer monitors. In addition, these tv screen protector solutions also provide strong protection of the screen against shocks, water and scratches.

Anti glare TV screen protector can be used safely on large screens such as “70 inch” or relatively small screen such as 24 inch. Multifunctional screen savers are frequently preferred by users. Some of these solutions also have a "blue light filter" feature. Protective products can easily be used on old televisions or "smart tv" products with innovative features.

Best Anti Glare TV Screen Protector

The most effective solution in this area is to focus on products whose primary priority is anti-glare/reflection. However, protecting the screen against impacts and blocking blue light are other issues to consider. A multi-purpose product will result in more satisfactory results.

Screen savers produced by TVGuard have all the features mentioned. It is designed to reveal the best yield that can be obtained from a product. Our knowledge about the blue light is increasing day by day. Made works;

  • Eye strain
  • Burning and stinging sensation in the eye
  • Dry eye
  • Blurred vision

It revealed that there is a relationship between the problems that we can list as follows and blue light. In addition, looking at the screen for a long time and not resting the eyes can also cause the problems listed. Another harm of blue light is that it reduces the level of the hormone melatonin. This condition has been associated with being more prone to various diseases and insomnia.

Anti Glare Screen Protector for TV

Anti-reflective screen protectors can work successfully on TV or computer screens. The factors listed below do not affect the use of these products.

  • Screen size: such as 70 inch, 120 inch or 55 inch.
  • The make and model of the television or computer.
  • The technology used by the monitor: such as led tv, lcd, amoled, oled.

Impacts or damage to screens are highly likely in some cases:

  • Unwanted accidents,
  • Pet feeding,
  • Having a small child,
  • Presence of hyperactive or autistic individuals.

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How Do I Stop the Glare on My TV Screen?

Can you add anti-glare to a TV? Yes. “Anti glare screen protector tv” solutions can be quite successful in this regard. However, devices with "anti glare TV" feature can prevent reflections to a certain extent without the need for additional intervention. Eliminating the light source that causes reflection or increasing the screen brightness can be shown among other solutions.

Samsung TV anti glare screen protector” products are among the most frequently researched solutions. Our screen protectors are compatible with almost all TV and computer screens on the market. Let's give some examples from popular brands.

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Acer
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Hisense
  • Toshiba
  • LG
  • Philips
  • Sharp

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Do Anti-Glare TV Screen Protectors Work?

Anti glare screen protectors can prevent glare to a certain extent. Our products are made of a special raw material and take the exact shape of the screen in which they are used. In this way, it can be used successfully on both flat and curved screens.

TVGuard screen protectors come with special fastening straps. Thus, anti glare TV film fits the screen perfectly. A successful product has no effect on the image. It also does not affect resolution or quality. Screen protector products can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. However, abrasive cleaners such as detergents and bleach should not be used.

The protector, which can be easily placed on the screen in minutes, is only 3 millimeters thick. Thus, it is not easily visible on the screen. It is 100% transparent. Click here to reach our product page.


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