Privacy Screen Protector

privacy screen protector
Privacy screen protector
ensures that the screens of devices such as laptops, tablets and phones are protected from prying eyes in public places. This screen protector also protects the screen from scratches, dust and splashes to a certain extent.

Privacy screen protector is suitable for most of the monitor options. These screen protectors can work seamlessly on different device and size options. The screen of the device you use in a park, public transport or in a cafe can be examined by prying eyes. Thus, a lot of private data can fall into the field of view of others. It may be useful to use a privacy screen filter to avoid such situations.

Best Privacy Screen Protector

A laptop or phone screen contains many elements of our lives. Payroll, login information, correspondence we make in instant messaging applications can be seen by the people around us. This also brings some risks. As we have no privacy, our information can be used for malicious purposes.

For the aforementioned reasons, careful people who care about privacy can benefit from solutions such as plastic screen protector or glass screen protector to solve this problem. Also, phone and laptop front cameras can be an easy target for hackers. For this purpose, there are devices that come with an additional privacy cover, as well as stylish hiding apparatuses.

Regardless of what material it is made of, the purpose of all protectors is to provide privacy by protecting the screen from different eyes. Therefore, the best product;

  • Compatible with your device,
  • Multifunctional,
  • Thin,
  • Does not adversely affect the screen touch and image quality.

It should be designed in the way.

privacy screen protector-2

What is a Privacy Screen Protetor?

If you're working alone looking at a screen, there's nothing serious to worry about in terms of privacy, except for virtual hackers. But when working among humans, the situation changes. Screen protector products with privacy filters;

  • Glass screen protector privacy
  • Plastic screen protector privacy

It can be in their form. So what does a privacy screen do? For example, a computer privacy screen guard prevents people from seeing the screen from a point other than the angle of up to 60 degrees from which you are looking at the screen. These contacts encounter a black screen. Privacy filters work in harmony with almost all brands that produce today. Let's give a few examples:

  • Apple Macbook / iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • HP

How Does Privacy Screen Guard Work?

Screen protectors with privacy filter feature prevent the screen from being viewed from the side or from unwanted angles, thanks to their special design. For this, a method called micro-covering technology is generally used.

Screen protectors with a privacy filter are only a few millimeters thick. Thus, it does not affect the screen resolution and image quality. They are also transparent. The product can also be used on desktop computers and a device such as an Apple iMac. So what other advantages does a privacy-protecting product have?

It protects the screen from dust, splashes, scratches and shocks from the moment it is attached to the screen. It also reduces the harmful effects of blue light. According to current studies, blue light causes eye fatigue and sleep problems.

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Glass Privacy Screen Protector

Privacy is undoubtedly an indispensable concept in today's world. It is also associated with security. It is quite understandable that the demand for the products that provide this is increasing as the power goes on. The material of screen protectors is more durable than TV glasses. Even in 3D broadcasts, it allows the image to be watched without deterioration.

TVGuard produces screen protectors with many features and various stands for Apple iMac. These protectors have features such as blue light filtering, anti-reflection and protecting the device against impacts. However, it does not have the functions of a privacy filter.

You can contact us to convey your questions about our products. You can also access our product page by clicking here and place your order by choosing the desired screen size.


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