Apple iMac 27 Inch Screen Protector

Apple iMac 27 inch screen protector protects your device from bumps, scratches and dust. Thus, your Apple product will be more durable and long-lasting. Screen protectors are also resistant to liquids. Thus, the screen of your device is protected against water splashes.

Apple iMac 27 inch screen protector solutions also has blue light filter function. Thus, the emission of blue light, which is harmful to eye health, is greatly reduced. Once you have a computer of the size and specifications you want, it's not a good idea to leave screen protection to chance.

TV and Apple iMac 27 Inch Screen Protector

A computer monitor such as the Apple iMac can get hit or get wet as a result of a moment of carelessness or an accident. In addition, conditions such as blue light and dust can cause undesirable effects. The harms of blue light have been better understood in recent years. This light;

  • Dry eye,
  • Burning and stinging sensation in the eye,
  • Blurred vision

It also causes sleep problems. Bright lights, especially blue light, reduce the level of the hormone melatonin. In addition to sleep problems, this has been associated with weakened immunity and an increased risk of diseases.

The rays emitted from a different light source or the sun in the environment where the television or computer is located may cause glare on the screen. In order to reduce the problems caused by this situation, an anti glare screen, screen protector can be used.

Apple iMac 27 inch

Screen Protector for iMac 24 Inch

It has options such as Apple iMac 27 inch and 24 inch. Our screen protectors are available in both sizes. So, “What is better the Mac 24 or 27?” The answer to this question is influenced by personal factors. Basically both devices have similar features. People who think they need a bigger screen should choose the 27-inch option.

What are the factors that cause a screen to be damaged?

  • Little children
  • Autistic or hyperactive children/individuals
  • Pets
  • Being careless
  • A dirty, dusty and humid environment
  • Liquid spillage

Screen protectors produced by TVGuard are produced from a special raw material. In this way, it can take the shape of the screen exactly. It can be used easily on both flat and curved screens. Our products prevent eye strain caused by blue light or radiation and allow you to sleep more comfortably.

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Should I Put a Screen Protector on My iMac?

Earlier, we talked about the factors that can lead to damage to a screen. If any of these apply to you, you should use a screen saver for iMac. This product does not change your iMac usage habits or affect resolution.

Our screen protectors can be easily placed on the screen with the included fixing straps. This process only takes a few minutes. Our products are 3 mm thick. It is also 100% transparent and does not affect the image quality. It can also be used safely on touch screens.

Water and a soft cloth should be used for cleaning such products. Chemicals such as detergents and bleach should be avoided.

Apple iMac 27-inch Dust Cover

Dust cover is an extremely important topic for many displays or monitors. Screen dusting is a common occurrence. Dust is an external factor that affects image quality and clarity. It is not recommended to directly interfere with LCD and LED screens with water or any cloth. Because this can cause small, hairline scratches on the screen.

However, when a protector covering the screen becomes dusty, it can be easily wiped with a cloth. In addition, protective materials do not easily hold dust on them. In addition to our screen protector solutions for your Apple iMac, we also have stand solutions.

You can click here to go to our product page and place an order by choosing the screen size that suits you.


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