TV screen protector is a product that prevents damage to television screens in various situations. In this way, the risk of damage and deterioration will be reduced, especially for televisions with a sensitive structure and a large screen.

TV screen protector prevents scratching of the screen. The risk of deterioration due to liquid contact and damage as a result of impact is minimized. These screen protectors can protect not only the TV but also the viewer. Thanks to a quality screen protector, the light emitted by the television can be filtered and comfort is ensured during viewing.

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TV Guard is compatible for use with TVs in either LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT mode

*If you plan to use the TV Guard in portrait mode, please let us know via the “purchase note” or via email after placing your order. If we are not notified, the protector will be produced as a landscape mode.

TV Screen Protector From Damage

Televisions can have screens with many different characteristics. LCD LED or OLED screens are produced with different features. Slim, lightweight and ergonomically designed televisions do not take up much space at home and provide an easy and enjoyable television viewing experience. Thin and elegant television screens with an aesthetic appearance have a sensitive structure. To prevent damage;

  • It should not be in contact with water.
  • It should be protected from impacts.
  • There should be no contact with the screen.
  • Scratch formation should be prevented.

Thanks to the television protector, it is possible to use television by protecting it from damage and damage. There are products such as plexiglass sheets and acrylic sheets that prevent damage to the TV screen. In addition to protectors that cover only the TV screen, there are also tv protector models such as acrylic panels in larger volumes.

Can you put a screen protector on a TV? You can put a screen protector on many TVs. TV screen cover can be produced differently according to the TV model and screen features.

Best Television Screen Protector

Television is an indispensable technological household item today. For many years, the TV screen has been a tool for viewing channel broadcasts from satellite and other areas. Today, smart TV technologies have developed. In this way, television has become a space where all internet content can be watched.

As technology advances television screens have a more aesthetic, thin design. Televisions produced using different screen technologies such as OLED, LED, LCD are aesthetically very stylish and ergonomic, but they are also sensitive to situations such as bumps and scratches. Especially screens with a thin, elegant appearance can be damaged in many situations.

Screen protectors produced to protect the television screen prevent these problems. The best screen protectors should protect the television from impacts and protect the eye health of the viewer. In addition, the screen protector should not reduce the screen quality. When this product is to be purchased, best anti glare tv screen protector with filtering feature as well as durability and impact protection should be selected.


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TV Protector 65 Inch

Television screens are delicate. Children and pets can damage items such as televisions without realizing it. Liquid contact can cause the television screen to deteriorate. Even a small splash of water can cause problems on the screen. Screen protectors have emerged to protect televisions, which are high-cost, technological products, from these factors. There are screen protectors for many brands of televisions with different sizes and features.

When buying screen protectors for TVs, it should be examined whether it has the following features;

  • Able to protect the screen from impacts,
  • Compatible with the TV model,
  • Durable and safe,
  • Easy installation is possible.

Flat screen TV protector is available for all sizes of TVs. These products are also made in standard sizes like televisions. The recently popular curved screen TV screen protector is also produced and sold in accordance with the characteristics and size of the screen. Screen protectors can be made of acrylic, plexi or other suitable materials.


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What Can I Use To Protect My TV Screen?

Television has gained many different functions with the developing technology. However, more ergonomic and suitable models have emerged for everyone's needs. Thin, lightweight television models are more preferred for ease of use and elegance. However, these televisions are sensitive to impacts and other factors. For this reason, television protectors compatible with many products have emerged.

The product to be purchased to protect the television and screen differs according to the expectations of the person. The following criteria should be considered when researching;

  • Impact absorption power of the protector,
  • The size and location of the TV,
  • What kind of damages it will protect against,
  • Whether screen light protection is required,
  • The budget allocated for the protector.

In this direction, TV GUARD stands out with its easy installation and model variety. Manufactured from 3 mm thick PETG material. It can be prepared in sizes suitable for all screens. You can protect your TV with TV GUARD and use it safely and for many years. You can contact us for your inquiries on the subject.