TV Screen Protector

The TV screen protector is a very useful product compatible with many different brands of TV’s. With a TV screen guard, your screen will be protected against any damage from your children, your pets or any other household danger. The installation process is simple, and it can be applied in a few minutes.

TV screen protector is offered in all common screen sizes including 55 inch. Our screen guard products are manufactured to be compatible with almost all the TVs on the market today, and do not include any harmful materials like BPA.

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TV Screen Protector 65 Inch

65 inch is a common size for a TV, preferred by many consumers today for its usability. Due to having a large area, a TV screen guard is a valuable addition to any 65 inch TV. On our website, we offer a wide variety of products for many TVs and monitors ranging from 24 inch to 105 inch. Our products are compatible with LCD screens as well as LED TV.

How to put a tv screen saver on a tv with a thin frame? Our TV screen guards are compatible with TVs with thin bezels. Our products are shipped with mounting straps for use with these models. But what cleans tv screen protector? All you need to have is a soft cloth to clean our products. Using a moist cloth is not a problem. However, soap or detergents should not be used.

Anti Glare TV Screen Protector

Products offered by TV-Guard are completely clear and have no negative effects on image quality. Our 3 mm thick products also have anti glare screen properties. They can be used to eliminate any reflections caused by the sun or other household light sources. TV shield is another way to describe our products.

How to remove plastic screen protector on tv? Removal is also very simple, simply loosening the mounting straps allows you to uninstall the TV-Guard.

Where can i buy a tv screen guard? Our website offers a quick and easy purchase experience. Simply specify your screen size and enjoy quick worldwide shipping. Regardless of being a smart TV or a regular model, we aim to provide the best possible screen protectors.

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