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Screen protector for TV products effectively protect your screens from bumps, scratches, splashes and dust. In this way, you can continue to use your TV for many years, as it was on the first day.

Screen protector for TV can be easily used on the screen of many manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Philips or Apple iMac. Moreover, it can function successfully on both an innovative smart TV or an old TV. Screen guard solutions are produced using thin materials and do not affect the image quality.

Screen Protector for 65 Inch TV

When it comes to products in the TV screen protector category, it is also frequently researched what size screens can be protected. Both large and small TVs that are currently produced are compatible with these products. You can find a few examples from the list below;

  • 65 inch
  • 77 inch
  • 55 inch
  • 75 inch
  • 82 inch
  • 32 inch

TV Guard production TV screen protectors are produced using a special raw material. In this way, it can take the shape of the screen used exactly. Our products are only 3 millimeters thick and can be easily mounted on monitors thanks to the included fixing straps. It only takes a few minutes to install the product and get it ready for use.

You can reach our product page by clicking here and you can easily place your orders. Simply specify the model and screen size of the device you are using.

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Anti Glare Screen Protector for TV

TV screen protectors can have multiple functions. It is possible to list the basic functions as follows:

  • Protection against all kinds of impact
  • Protection against scratches
  • Preventing water splashes
  • Preventing dust

In addition to these extremely important functions, a screen guard also filters blue light to a certain extent. The harms of blue light have been better understood in recent years. Regular exposure to this light can negatively affect our immune system in addition to sleep and eye problems.

Avoiding reflection is another important function. Some of these products can prevent rays emitted from an external source from reflecting on the TV screen. Of course, 100% success is not achieved in most products.

How Do I Protect My Flat Screen TV?

Screen protectors from TV Guard successfully protect both flat and curved screens. Since it will be necessary to specify the screen size and model when ordering from our products, there is no risk of sending incompatible products.

You can take some precautions to protect your flat or curved screens. The most effective of these is to provide protection with a professional product. A 100% transparent protector to be attached to the screen will be sufficient for this. However, being more careful and not throwing hard objects around are among the other precautions you can take. So in what situations can a TV screen be damaged?

  • Pet factor.
  • Careless behavior. A momentary accident can cause your screen to be scratched or even cracked.
  • Presence of small children.
  • Hyperactive or autistic child factor.

What are the disadvantages of screen protectors? These products, which successfully protect your screens and have no negative effects on image quality, do not have any known disadvantages.

Do TVs Have Screen Protector?

Many TVs come without any screen protector. However, some touchscreen options are known to come with a micro protective film. This film only protects the screen from scratches. You can count on our screen protectors for effective protection against harder bumps!

How to make a screen protector for TV? First, a suitable raw material is selected. It is then custom cut and shaped on the workbench for different screen size options. Various machines are used for this purpose. In the final stage, the product is smoothed. The order is sent to the buyer by adding the appropriate fixing apparatus.

Don't leave the protection of TV monitors to chance! Protect them with durable products that we have prepared with special raw materials. You can quickly place an order by clicking here.


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