65 Inch TV Screen Protector

65 inch TV screen protector

65 inch TV screen protector products protect the screen from bumps, scratches, splashes and dust. There are also products suitable for different screen size options such as 75 inch or 24 inch. Screen protectors from TVGuard are suitable for all TV models sold today.

65 inch TV screen protector has different features besides providing all-round protection. Models enriched with features such as anti blue light and anti glare TV filter also show effective results in eye protection. The TV screen protector products that we sell have all these features.

65 Inch LED TV Screen Protector

LED displays with high luminous power; It is long-lasting and promises high image quality. TV screen protectors are compatible with all known screen technologies. You can find some of them in the list below.

  • LCD
  • OLED

How can i protect my TV screen? Our screen protectors support screen sizes from 24 inches to 120 inches. Moreover, our stand sales for Apple iMac continue. We can summarize the functions of our screen savers as follows:

  • Protects the screen against scratches and impacts.
  • Resistant to water splashes.
  • It prevents the screen from getting dusty.
  • It greatly filters blue light.

Screen Protector for 65 Inch TV

Is it worth buying a screen protector? Whether you own a traditional vintage TV or a smart TV with a touchscreen… Our highly durable screen protectors can do their job.

You can choose the one suitable for your television or computer screen among options such as 65 inch or 75 inch TV screen protector and place an order. You can click here to go to our product page.

65 inch tv screen protector 2

Why is the blue light reduction feature in our TV monitor protectors important? Blue light has an effect on our secretions of the hormone melatonin. For this reason, we may lose our sleep and our sleep patterns may be disturbed. In the long term, blurred vision, eyestrain and a burning and stinging sensation may occur. Also, our immune system can be weakened.

Samsung 65 Inch TV Screen Protector

If you need a 65 inch TV screen guard product, your device manufacturer does not matter. Screen savers are compatible with televisions of all companies currently producing in the market. Let's give a few examples:

  • Samsung
  • Hisense
  • Apple
  • LG
  • Sony
  • Philips
  • TCL

Small accidents can have big consequences. Guard against the slightest carelessness or your pet pawing at interesting objects on the screen. Do not leave the screen of your Samsung smart tv or newly purchased Apple iMac vulnerable.

Do TVs need screen protectors? Objects accidentally hitting the screen may cause cracks. Hyperactive or autistic children or pets can damage screens. In addition, the harmful effects of blue light, the harms of which have been better understood in recent years, can negatively affect your eyes and health. In order to effectively solve all these problems, it is clear that a screen protector is needed.

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65 Inch Curved TV Screen Protector

Our highly durable, flexible and 100% transparent products are also fully compatible with curved screens. Thanks to the special raw materials used in its production, it takes its shape by wrapping the screen. Thus, there is no compatibility problem.

Screen protectors from TVGuard are only 0.3 mm thick. It has no effect on image quality. Thanks to the fixing apparatus that comes with the product, it fits perfectly on your screen. Installing the product on the screen is completed in just a few minutes.

When the screen protectors become dusty or dirty, they can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. However, detergent or bleach should not be used for this purpose. Because these materials can corrode the product.


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