Follow your passion, and success will follow you

It all started with a broken TV, a little cute wooden made toy was just thrown to middle of -$1200 worth- TV by my 3-year old daughter. Also it was not the first time.

I was becoming one of the father who complained about how TVs are weak. I thought, REALLY? are TVs just doomed to be broken forever? Well, NO.

Ultimately, they deserve better. After a few days of research, I found protectors designed to protect the TV, but none were designed for my TV. There were only universal protectors I found. But guess what? Televisions are NOT made universal.

They have all different designs ever even if they be manufactured under the same brand. (It's like trying to use a phone case designed for the Samsung for your iPhone.) So all, a passion for sustainability and a determination to design a better functioning TV screen protector ended up giving life to TV Guard. At the moment TV Guard maintains its feature of being the only and first company in the world that can produce compatible screen protectors for every single TV model.