Safely guard your device from damage and scratches with this hard-coating screen protector.

A screen protector is a thin layer of plastic or glass that attaches to the front of your TV to protect its display. The protector will help keep your TV looking new, even as time passes and the display can become scratched or damaged.

Anti-Glare Screen Protector for OLED TVs

This screen protector is the perfect solution for your OLED TV. It reduces glare and improves contrast, making it easier to see what's on the screen. The anti-glare coating also makes it easier to read text, so you can enjoy watching TV shows or movies in brighter rooms without straining your eyes.

Because this is a hard coating, it doesn't have any bubbles when applied correctly--so you won't have to worry about any air pockets under your screen protector! If you ever need to remove or replace the protector, just peel off gently using our special card provided with every order (or use something else thin like a credit card). Then simply clean off any residue left behind before re-applying another one of these easy-to-apply protectors again!

Anti-Glare Screen Protector for LCD TVs

  • Protects your TV from scratches and dust

  • Prevents glare from the sun or other light sources

  • Keeps your screen clean

  • Keeps your screen looking like new, with minimal effort on your part!

  • Reduces eye strain caused by reflected light, helping you get more comfortable viewing experience. This can be especially useful if you have a long commute home every day and don't want to squint at the TV while trying to catch up on what happened on last night's episode of The Bachelor (which was actually pretty good this season!).

Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Plasma TVs

When you're shopping for a screen protector, it's important to know what kind of device you have. A plasma TV is much more fragile than an LCD screen and needs special attention when choosing a protective coating for it.

Plasma screens are more prone to scratches than LCDs because they use mercury vapor as part of their display process, which can make them more susceptible to damage from small particles like sand or dust. The anti-glare coating on this particular model helps guard against those types of abrasions while also reducing glare from light sources behind the TV (like windows).

Matte Finish Screen Protector

Matte finish screen protectors are ideal for those who want to reduce glare and make their device easier to clean. Matte finish screen protectors are also more resistant to scratches than traditional glossy ones, so if you're prone to dropping your phone or tablet, this may be the best option for you! The only downside of matte finishes is that they can make colors appear duller than normal--but if that doesn't bother you (or even if it does), then this type of protector is worth considering.

Ultra Clear Screen Protectors

Ultra Clear Screen Protectors are the most popular type of screen protector. They're made from a thin, transparent film that adheres to your screen and guards against scratches and other damage.

Ultra Clear Screen Protectors are easy to apply and remove. The adhesive layer allows for quick application, while also ensuring that no residue is left behind on your device's surface when removed. Available in a variety of sizes to fit any device, Ultra Clear Screen Protectors provide excellent protection without sacrificing visibility or touch sensitivity.

A screen protector can make your TV last longer.

A screen protector can help protect your TV from scratches, dust, dirt and fingerprints. A broken screen is the most common cause of repair for TVs. Screen protectors are easy to apply and will keep your TV looking beautiful for years to come.


We hope you've found our guide on TV screen protectors helpful. With so many different types to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your needs. We recommend starting with the anti-glare or matte finish options as these are ideal for most people and environments. If those don't suit what you're looking for then consider an ultra clear screen protector which will give maximum clarity without affecting image quality too much


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