Blue Light Screen Protector Monitor

blue light screen protector

Blue light screen protector monitor is a product that aims to lessen or eliminate the impact of blue light emitted from TV and computer screens. This light causes diminished secretion of the melatonin hormone. By using these products, you can say goodbye to your sleep problems caused by exposure to blue light.

Blue light screen protector monitor is manufactured to be compatible with monitor screens ranging from 24 inch to 120 inch. At TVGuard we offer screen protectors with blue light filter, designed and manufactured with care. Our products are also anti glare screen protector, so they prevent the light from the sun or any other light sources from causing reflections or glaring.

Anti Blue Light Screen Protector for Monitor

Our blue light monitor screen protector solutions aren’t just used for eye protection. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing process, our best screen protector offerings are versatile. With use of our products,

Household accidents,
Harmful effects of blue light such as eye strain,
Water splashes,
Screen scratches,
Reflection and glaring from other light sources

Cease to be problematic. Children and pets are potentially dangerous for a TV or a monitor. For more information regarding our TV or computer screen guard offerings, feel free to contact us. It’s our pleasure to offer you a solution.

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector for Monitor

Research shows that blue light causes eye strain, makes it harder to fall asleep, and reduces sleep quality. Fundamentally, blue light reduces the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin deficiency is linked to sleep disorders, a weakened immune system, and many other health problems.

A weaker immune system may lead to infections taking root more easily in the body, or in the longer term opens up the possibility of other serious health problems. These reasons only prove further that a screen protector with anti blue light properties is important to have.

How do I stop the blue light on my monitor? The best approach for this problem is taking several cautionary steps at once. First, you can use software to somewhat limit the emitted blue light. As these software solutions are limited in capability, mounting a blue light screen filter monitor strengthens the effect. This way you can obtain a multi faceted protection system.

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Blue Light Screen Protector Monitor Solutions

In our modern world, many people need to use computers for long hours. The most common problems for these people after extended usage are;

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye fatigue
  • Eye dryness
  • A burning or stinging feeling in the eyes

These problems are largely associated with blue light.

The screen you shoose to protect may have an lcd, led, amoled, ips lcd or oled panel. Our anti glare blue light screen protector solutions are compatible with most of the TV and monitors on the market today, including 24 inch and 27 inch sizes.

Our products are also able to be used as computer screen guard. Whether it’s an Apple iMac, Samsung or HP, our products are compatible with all popular manufacturers.

Blue Light Screen Protector Curved Monitor

Curved monitors are comparatively new on the market, and are in high demand due to their various advantages. A screen protector for these monitors should be compatible to the curvature. Our screen protectors are able to fit most curved models. Thanks to our manufacturing process and choice of materials, our products conform to your monitors curvature, and hold its shape.

"What properties should a good screen protector possess?"

First of all, it shouldn’t be obstructive, or detrimantal to the image quality. It nneds to be thin, completely transparent, and durable. It should also be easy to use and versatile.

How to install a screen protector? Our products are shipped with mounting straps, and are easy to install on your monitor. They are 100% transparent and in a few minutes, they are ready to protect both your screen and your eyes. For cleaning our products, you should use a soft cloth and water. Avoding soaps and detergents is necessary to maintain the quality of our products.

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