TV Screen Guard

TV screen guard

TV screen guard is a highly functional product that protects the screen from impacts, scratches, dust and splashes. “TV guard protector” is compatible with all “TV” models produced today.

TV screen guard is available in TV monitor options with different size options such as 55 inch or 65 inch. These products, also called TV screen protectors, have many functions. One of them is the blue light protection. These products, which significantly reduce the emission of blue light, are also one step ahead in terms of eye protection.

Led TV Screen Guard Online

All LCD, AMOLED or LED TV screen options can be protected by a suitable product. So, how can a fixed TV screen be subject to impacts? Pets, autistic or hyperactive children; They are a significant threat to the TV screen.

At the same time, options with touch screens have the risk of scratching the screen. You can eliminate all these risks by purchasing a screen protection product at an affordable price. You can come across screen protectors from several different manufacturers online.

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 For best TV screen protector solutions, you can browse our product page. Our products not only protect the screen successfully, but also significantly reduce blue light. The harms of blue light have been understood more clearly in recent years. These damages do not only lead to eye strain or insomnia.

Blue light can also weaken immunity, as it lowers the levels of the hormone melatonin. Thus, our body remains vulnerable to many diseases.

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Sony 55 Inch TV Screen Protector

Popular options such as TV screen protector 43 inch, 50 inch are available for many brands. There are many options in the TV industry. Our screen protectors are compatible with all brands. However, we can still list some examples as follows.

  • LG
  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Philips
  • SEG

The screen protectors we produce using a special raw material are 100% transparent. It has no adverse effect on image quality. In addition, it is only 3 millimeters thick and does not cause any negative aesthetics.


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TV-screen-protector-for -eyes
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