Screen Protector for Monitor

Screen protector for monitor is a durable product capable of protecting your devices from various impacts and water splashes. Children, curious pets or any clumsy person may pose a threat to a monitor.

Screen protector for monitor is very easy to use. The products we offer arrive to your door with mounting straps in the package. The installation only takes a few minutes. Being only 3 mm thick, screen guard for monitor is 100% transparent and has no negative impact on image clarity. Instead, these protectors reduce the blue light emitted from the screen, and provide eye protection and relief.

Monitor Screen Protector for Eyes

Computer screens and televisions work by emitting light. Especially blue light is a component that has been researched extensively in the recent years. Research shows that blue light decreases the production of melatonin, and causing restlessness. Lack of sufficient melatonin manifests as difficulty in falling asleep, and reduced sleep quality. This also makes way for other serious health problems.

What can I put on my computer screen to protect my eyes? Long periods of monitor usage can cause eye strain and discomfort in the eyes. For these reasons, the demand for blue light screen protector products is quite high.

If you’re looking for an eye screen guard for monitor, you’re in the right place. TVGuard screen protectors offer protection for both your eyes and your screen. We aim to provide our customers with versatile and affordable products.

Screen Protector for Monitor Privacy

Privacy screen protector solutions are also known as privacy filters. The capability of these products can be explained asprotecting the contents of your screen from prying eyes, without affecting image quality or touch screen sensitivity.

Our privacy screen products also protect against scratches and other moderate impacts. Privacy focused screen protectors are popular among frequent travelers and people who don’t work in an office.

Many privacy focused screen protectors prevent your screen to be seen at an angle. Commonly these are manufactured to make your screen unobservable at more than 60 degrees. Only the person looking at the screen at a direct angle can see the clear image. These products offer ease of installation and replacement. Matte finished screen protectors also have non reflective properties.

Anti Glare Screen Protector for Monitor

Our products are compatible with most of the popular screen sizes.  24 inch monitor screen protector and  monitor screen protector 27 inch are among our most requested offerings. But do monitors need screen protector?

With our blue screen protector for monitor solutions;

  • Impacts
  • Accidents
  • Potential distress and harm from blue light
  • Water splashes
  • Screen scratches
  • Reflections and glaring from other light sources
  • Damage cauesd by children and pets

will become problems of the past for you. TVGuard’s specially treated anti glare screen protectors prevent other light sources from hindering your enjoyment.

Screen Protector for Monitor 24 Inch

How do I protect my computer screen? The most efficient and versatile way of protecting your TV or PC screen is by using a screen protector. Our products provide peace of mind for your devices. Products are compatible with most TVs and monitors on the market.

Our screen protectors are also compatible with curved screens. Thanks to our manufacturing techniques, our protectors can adapt to the curvature of the screen and adhere seamlessly.

  • Thin
  • Transparent
  • Durable
  • Versatile

When cleaning our products, you only need to use a soft cloth and water. Soaps or detergents should be avoided. Your monitor may be 24 or 120 inch. No worries! You can place your order with a few clicks, just select the size you need.

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TV Screen Protector for Eyes

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