70 Inch TV Screen Protector

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70 inch TV screen protector is an innovative product that prevents the screen from breaking, scratching and dusting. It can be used easily on all TVs of suitable size, regardless of brand, model and screen technology.

70 inch TV screen protector solutions successfully protect televisions with both flat and curved screens. “Screen guard” products can also protect your devices against risks such as splashing water. Innovative solutions can work in full harmony by taking the shape of your screens. These products can also filter a certain amount of “blue light”. Thus, various conditions such as “eye strain” can be prevented.

70 Inch TV Screen Protector Transparent

70 inch TVs are among the large screen products. With such a device, it is possible to watch TV series, movies and documentaries in high quality. In addition, with the introduction of “smart TV” devices into our lives, it has become possible to access the Internet and run various applications with these products.

What are the benefits of using a “TV screen guard” solution?

  • Provides protection against cracking and scratching.
  • Although they are quite robust, they are thin and light products.
  • They can protect the screen even from hard impacts.
  • Your screens are also protected against dust and splashes.
  • It can be used with all brands or models of suitable size.
  • It can be used on televisions with both flat and curved screens.
  • They can also be used on computer monitors if the screen size is suitable.

Samsung 70 Inch TV Screen Guard

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You can easily protect your widescreen televisions with “TV screen protector” solutions specially produced by TV Guard. Our products support all sizes up to 120 inches, not just 70-inch TVs. To order, you can reach our product page by clicking here.

Our “TV protector” products can be easily placed on the screen in a few minutes thanks to the fixing straps that come with them. It is only 3mm thick and does not affect the screen quality. It can be used on all devices, regardless of brand. For example, you can protect all of the brands listed below with our products.

Do TVs Need Screen Protectors?

Daily life is full of unexpected accidents. A moment of inattention can lead to undesirable consequences. Having a hyperactive or autistic child is also another risk factor for TVs. Many electronic devices, especially televisions, can attract the attention of children and cause them to damage the devices.

A good screen protector can even protect your devices from hard knocks. So your favorite devices can work for many years without the need for repair.

It can protect your devices in “TV screen protector 70 inch” and many more size options. With these products;

  • Televisions
  • Computer monitors
  • Apple iMac

such devices can be successfully protected. Solutions, also known as “TV glass protector”, can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. However, detergent and bleach should not be used. Because these materials can cause corrosion of the protective screen.

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How Do I Protect My Flat Screen TV?

Do you have “flat screen TV protector” solutions? Our solutions are manufactured using a special raw material. In this way, they adapt exactly to the shape of your screen. This makes it very easy to protect both flat and curved screens.

TV Guard solutions; It can work in all different display technologies such as AMOLED, IPS LCD or “LED TV” without affecting the picture quality. Televisions can show you the worlds with up-to-date technologies. It can also do this with a very thin and stylish screen. Unfortunately, screens are very fragile structures. They need special protection.

Homes with small children and pets such as cats and dogs are even more dangerous for TVs. Take your precautions today and protect your TVs with high quality solutions. You can reach our order page by clicking here and buy the protection product suitable for your device model.


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